About me, Richard de Lullington AD 09/05/1948

For those who are familiar with my website and have read the page ‘About Me’ it’s time for me to update my diagnosis of health. As this is to replace former information I will be brief in it’s replacement.

I was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s in 1999 after being an in-patient at the Lishman Unit at the Maudsley Hospital which was among other health issues to do with head injuries. It was also for patients who  for months and years had had symptoms yet no satisfactory diagnosis. Their conclusion was that I was to make the most of my life as I could be dead within four to eight years. I was put on Aricept medication for a short time. It was from this time that I had a desire to experiment with art, and with contributions from neighbour’s surplus materials the garden came into being. There was nothing in the garden to start with. The willows came from branches of a neighbour’s tree just put in the ground.

About four years ago the doctors thought I hadn’t got Alzheimer’s after all and further tests were done. At first this was a mixture of bi-polar, A.D.H.D and Aspergers and finally, if I dare to use that word, after a two  hour consultation with the appropriate department I have been given a diagnosis of high functioning Aspergers. This consultation dealt with childhood, how I dealt with life, the confusion in the learning process, not finding it easy to be in a pack environment and confusion between reality and imagination. So there you have it, through old age these symptoms which I have coped with all through life are becoming a problem now. Yes, and someone has said ‘How did the doctors confuse dementia with autism?’ but as far as I’m concerned they did their best for me but others might not be so forgiving. So if you are a no win no fee solicitor trying to drum up business of misdiagnosis and the mental trauma I’ve had to deal with and have come through, you can go and take a hike! And target your canvassing on someone else. The journey continues. In my sixty- sixth year I now look forward to a more favourable prognosis. Dementia, like any other illness could be my lot in the following years but then, death is hereditary but Jesus Christ has taken it’s sting, another subject altogether. My posts refer briefly to the subjects of philosophy and religion in some places. I wish all those who read this a safe passage in their journey.

Once again I am grateful to Lynda for taking down my dictation. It seems that this is the only way I can get words on the page.

What is ‘outsider art?’  To see youtube explanation click on the underlined ‘experiment with art’ above.                    

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