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Examples of my art

Dr. Doodle-pix.

If you are bored, waiting for transport, appointments, fed up with doing crosswords & the like or a lonely person in Costa’s get yourself a book with blank pages, & go ‘doodle-pixing’. Your equipment will be a Pilot GTEC4 pen & an ordinary bog-standard gel pen. For best results don’t attempt to copy anything.

To get you started make lines,squares,circles or any other geometric shape. The shakier the hand the better.Fill in the spaces with dots & it won’t be long before you see eyes appearing & then you build on what your eyes see making faces of humans, animals, birds, fish etc.

Date what you do & in weeks to follow look at what you’ve done & self analyse. I, personally, like lots of curves, as in the curvature of the South Downs.



The thumb is pressed upon the nerve,

Opinions fly like shrapnel,

The dispossessed are always caught

Between those who always wrangle

The very young, the very old,

And those who are between

Become the victims of other’s wars

Where reason becomes obscene.

Now I am a man of faith,

My peers expect of me

To quote from Holy Writ,

Preach the word to slay.

Now I might, for conscience sake,

Take up the preacher’s cross,

But does that really always help

To reach out to the lost?

Once I did stand out in the street,

And call those passing by,

But now I stand in silence,

Or maybe just to sigh.

The anonymous have their story,

I fear to just intrude,

But still the Christ within me

Wants to give them heaven’s food.

The world around’s imploding,

Pundits make it worse,

The shrapnel of opinions

Adds insult to the curse.

Compassion’s out the window,

Hypocrites, you and I,

The sad eyes of an orphan child,

Two pounds a month, they cry.

Now, everyone is right,

And everyone is wrong,

But the thumb print of the Almighty God

Is in this poet’s song.

R. de L      15/11/2012