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A selection of songs written and performed by Richard de Lullington

Tiger Moth – the legend.

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Gypsy major, Tiger Moth,
Old lady of the skies,
Although you’re eighty plus
You  never say die

Your lovers of the past
Have taken to the air,
Your lovers of the  future
On the ground are waiting there.

Gypsy major, Tiger Moth,
You’re a legend flying high,
So come all ye, her lovers,
And make love to the sky.

Fire up your engine,
Turn your prop around,
Chocks away, my darlings,
Take off from the ground.

Gypsy major, Tiger Moth,
Your back draft blows my hair,
Your perfume is your octane,
Your body shakes the air.

Gypsy major, Tiger Moth,
Old lady of the sky,
Although  you’re eighty plus
You will never say die.

R. de L.  26/08/2013

The inspiration for Gypsy major, tiger Moth is a result of Lynda having a trial flight in a Tiger Moth at Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent. She loved it so much that she’s become an associate member which gives her the opportunity for further flights in club aeroplanes when there is a spare seat. Me? I’m just her guest, engaging in conversation with club members. I’m always on alert for inspiration for my art whether it be sights or sounds with particular interest to human stories. 

Both Lynda & I recommend anyone to come along. They are a very friendly group of people. It is a completely new social experience for Lynda & I. They are a very relaxed group of people dedicated to aviation as a sport. You don’t have to be stinking rich – but it does help! If we had a spare nine grand in a cocoa tin I’d like to blow the lot for Lynda to have flying lessons. Until then, we absorb the atmosphere of the club when we can.


Another dead end inspiration – or not?

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A sound check experiment.

Chalkhill blue butterfly, a sound check with busking equipment.

Well, a prince has been born & I wish the child & his parents…. & now, what words shall I use? I could wish them all the best, or, with a pious tone, could wish them every blessing & of course, most people would be saying every happiness, but, personally, in my mind set it’s all very complicated & any of those terms wouldn’t do justice to what is really in my inner being. The media, in their predicted circus, (I have no problems with that at all) produce all the archive footage, snapshots etc. of previous monarchs, half monarchs & quarter monarchs, ok there’s only one monarch but try to keep up with an adult who’s been diagnosed with Aspergers!
Those who know me & have engaged in conversation know how long it takes me, going round the highways & byways of Devon & Cornwall to get to London when most people just go straight from Hawkhurst to Marble Arch.
Right, I’ll try to get back to the point, if indeed I can remember the point, the birth of a child to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. The child will have it’s own mixture of God given personality & soul (O, do be quiet, Professor Dawking) as I  was saying, God given personality & soul & with it that unique part that is the God part (Please, Professor, you have a wider audience than me), as I was saying that God part that one day like the rest of us will be accountable to the Deity of Creation.
This philosophizing & analyzing of every sentence that I find a compulsion to do gets rather tedious & boring. It’s said of the Apostle Paul in his testimony to Agrippa ‘much learning has made you mad’ &, of course, the sad thing is is that ignorance in the short term is bliss &  David Stockwell (the simple character in Heartbeat) is in a better place than the cleverer & articulate who chew the fat with the likes of Paxman & Humphrys. What is your point, Richard? My point is, I’ll have another go at this, but I do keep getting interrupted by Count Arthur Strong! keep up Google.
The picture of me wired up for sound is the equipment I used when I was a street entertainer/evangelist. The mainstream of both these genres of communication would avoid me like the plague, but for the curiosity of my
 presence. The term ‘outsider artist’ suits my persona as a complex human being, as one who has had aspirations to be someone that I wasn’t cut out to be. Life’s experience has led me to the conclusion that I would be bold to say every human being would like to be someone or somewhere else other than where they are at any present time.
My wife, Lynda, has just had a trial flight in a Tiger Moth 
aeroplane at Headcorn Tiger Club, aerobatics included, something I would have liked to have done when I was a thirteen year old lad in the Air Cadets but was occupied with how my parachute would open if the plane got into trouble, plus my stomach not even at ease with hump back bridges. All that & the lack of being a sports orientated, grammar school educated boy prevented me from fulfilling an aspiration to be an aviator. So a substitute for my dissatisfaction my imagination & real time experience kicks in with the phenomena of the willow aeroplane & songs of walking in the sky. As I’m dictating this diatribe to my wife, Lynda, in a real time zone I feel my spirit being excited that all the hints that the Bible speaks of, the hope of life with Christ after death, with the new physical body & in a reconstituted environment of the earth & the heavens, the aspirations of being an aviator will be far superseded by being like Christ himself, able to transport Himself to anywhere in His creation. It is my opinion that the fascination that some people have with science fiction is that in their hearts they want the science fiction teleporting to be fact. While others might seek another way of climbing over the wall to get into this place of perfection & eternal bliss, the message of both the Old & the New Testament is that God, by all means & none, other than His direct appeal to our inner selves, speaking to us that His eternal life, His physical resurrected life is made available through His Holy Son, Jesus to those who call, before death, for mercy. At last, I’m stopping here.

‘Does the sun set?
Or does the earth go round?

You have a little knowledge
But there’s more to be found.
The proud in heart that stand aloof,
They shall be humbled by the truth.’