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Stating the obvious.

History can never be a legitimate reason for war but, it is an insight into why war happens.

This thought came into my head at 12.53 British Summer Time on 02 August 2014, but I have no doubt whatsoever that this thought has been in another’s head centuries before. Is someone trying to tell us something? 

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The page of enticement for the curious mind.

What moves forward but stays still at the same time?
“Human existence.”
Knowledge, technology moves on, primitive instincts remain.
Thank God for those who still think they can make a difference for the common good.
Hope is still the best motive. 

With the deluge of knowledge
Information becomes a plague,
A never ending stream of books,
By those who are clever,
Engaging us with their page.

Their themes are all the same,
Enticing the curious mind,
Conspiracies, intrigue and sex,
The life blood of mankind.

There is plenty to pass the time
While waiting for our death,
With conscience occasionally stirred,
But soon returns to the slumber of  death.

Please, don’t get me wrong,
There is a master plan,
The brain makes demands of us,
A lifetime to understand.

The pinhead is never crowded,
You too, can take your place
Where the analogue becomes the digital,
You may call it
Saved by grace.

R. de L.  30/06/2014 

Dapper of Battle, East Sussex





Truth plus.

Will you need glasses?

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There is truth,
And there is truth plus-
Guess which one is the threat to humanity. 

Don’t just accept another’s essay,
Write your own.

I know; most of us cannot be bothered.
That is why the extremist of any ilk
Makes life hell for all of us.

And God? He’s in His own league.
And why can’t I still be convinced of the no God argument?

Like I have said-
There is truth, and there is truth plus.

And the elderly lady (cross gender)
In the front row said
“What’s he say?”
R. de L.

Honesty when defeated.

Regarding my grafting experiment (see post January 28 2014) I can safely say it was a complete failure. Interestingly, the flowering cherry which was grafted onto the willow did go further than the others which produced just buds. The flowering cherry actually produced a whole leaf!

“All knowledge/information is dodgy except that which you believe to be true.” L.