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Grafting experiments.

Back in October I decided to bore holes into the trunks of the willows & schumacher tree/tree of heaven. Into that hole, after taking the outer bark off, I put a stem of a rose into the willow trunk & a laurel into a willow. There was nothing on the stems of these plants back in October but signs of life have now appeared.There are other species in this experiment which I shall talk about at another time when signs of life appear.
I have eye witness accounts of what I am doing by my neighbours so when hybrids of both species appear at a later date they can witness that it is not a hoax. If the cells within both species like each other, well…. no further comment for now.
I do not consider that what I am doing is unusual & I’m sure that there are others, who know more about horticulture than I do, that have done these experiments. On the other hand, because of their training, & degrees in their subject they have not thought out of their discipline & it hasn’t occurred to them to do what might appear to them to be a pointless experiment.