A broken mirror & a bloodied fist.

Satire is not funny,
Suffering is no joke,
But still, one has to laugh,
 ‘expletive’ world is broke.

You can blame God if you want to,
But you can’t if He doesn’t exist.
The same applies to Satan,
At the mirror will you shake your fist?

Work it out, you simpletons,
With doctorates and degrees.
You think you’re ‘expletive’ clever,
No life where there’s no bees.

The sod beneath your feet,
The trees above your head,
The climate is shouting loud,
Your ears are ‘expletive’ dead.

Rockets from the Gaza Strip,
Israel bombs from the air,
America and it’s allies
Are pulling out their hair.

Agendas are on the march,
The slippery slope well greased,
The vultures are circling,
They’re waiting for their feast.

It’s all ‘expletive’ dire,
But what can you expect?
It’s never over by Christmas,
The Somme showed no respect.

To poets, bloggers and thinkers
The bottom line is this,
Mortality is a blessing
If graced with a kiss.

Of course, there is nothing new,
Only repetitions of the past,
A dawning sunrise coming,
It all comes right at last. 

On and on I can write,
To words there are no end,
But, now I have to stop,
It drives me round the bend. 

R. de L.     14/07/2014

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