The wailing wall.

Paper, parchment, even a serviette,
Expression of desire for cancelled debt.
Rabbis, imams and a priest,
Making prayer for a lasting peace
At this historic and hallowed place,
Which is the Wailing Wall.

The lichen on mortar that crumbles between
These ancient stones so long have been
A focus of man’s desire.

Men in robes, and even suits,
Women weeping who only can
Mourn for that which has not been,
A stillborn of humanity’s hope.
This elusive dream
For peace in our time.

The sun will rise on another day,
More and more will come to pray.
“Father, forgive” I hear Him say,
“They know not what they do.”

“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life,”
Outside the wall I ‘gave’ my life,
“I am the door,” I’m not a wall,
Come, just come, come ye all.
I have rent the veil,
Broken down the wall,
Jew and Gentile, come ye all,
I am the answer to man’s fall,
You can live with me for all eternity.
The worlds, the universe plus,
Which entities are all out there,
They are all of mine and you can share. 

But I know, I know, I hear you say,
The Devil, that evil prey,
But his card is marked,
Hell’s prepared, he screams with hate
“You expletive God.” 

My lambs, my lambs, there is no mistake,
I’m neither early, nor too late,
Be faithful to me until the end,
My blood has covered and will defend.

Happy are those who know as true
The God and Saviour who loves you.
When all is fulfilled then cometh the end,
Then cometh the beginning,
Keep faith, my friend. 

R. de L.  09/07/2014

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