Grafting experiments.

Back in October I decided to bore holes into the trunks of the willows & schumacher tree/tree of heaven. Into that hole, after taking the outer bark off, I put a stem of a rose into the willow trunk & a laurel into a willow. There was nothing on the stems of these plants back in October but signs of life have now appeared.There are other species in this experiment which I shall talk about at another time when signs of life appear.
I have eye witness accounts of what I am doing by my neighbours so when hybrids of both species appear at a later date they can witness that it is not a hoax. If the cells within both species like each other, well…. no further comment for now.
I do not consider that what I am doing is unusual & I’m sure that there are others, who know more about horticulture than I do, that have done these experiments. On the other hand, because of their training, & degrees in their subject they have not thought out of their discipline & it hasn’t occurred to them to do what might appear to them to be a pointless experiment. 


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  1. barry

    Hi my friend
    That’s brilliant Richard hope that the grafting grows further, I’ve heard of it being done with different types of flowers or two different types of fruit trees but this is an entirely different way of doing it so good luck, and by the way (Your looking Good in the photo)

    Best wishes

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