Memories of the seaside from the Barry Pankhurst collection.

Memories of the seaside

Normans bay, East Sussex


So many childhood memories flashing in my mind,

and yet even with my dementia, I can still recall the

aromas of the seaside, Oh such happy times, early

walks along the promenade, a daily newspaper to

buy, the sea air gusting in your face, that salty taste

on the lips, bringing tears to the eyes, tingling rosy



All the smells of the brine, mixed with seashells lying

open on the shore, seagulls squawking overhead then

searching smelly seaweed, for a morning feast, of days

on the beach, deckchairs with windbreakers to surround,

a bucket and spade ever ready, to bury Dad, or castles

to build in the sand,


Pots of tea to drink on the beach, for a deposit of five

shillings, nights on the funfair rides, the smell from

electric, and rubber of bumper cars, then dad would

give me two shillings, to play in the penny arcade,

but the laughing policeman was always my favourite

by far, drop a penny in and his chuckling laughter

did start, as he swayed from side, to side,


For hours I’d stand playing, as mixed aromas of delight

filled the night air, I can still smell the fish and chips

frying, candy floss being spun around, golden crunchy

toffee apples, hot sugary doughnuts, and flaky 99 ice

creams, the smell of hot dogs cooking, with onions pilled

high, the mustard drizzling down,


The smells from the rock shops, but just how do they

get the name inside, Oh alas, alas, such happy bygone

days, yet now I have mixed dementia, and my body

sways more like the laughing policeman, but the aromas

and memories within my mind, will forever linger on,

of happy childhood times.


Barry August 09

Normans Bay, East Sussex


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