The Barry Pankhurst collection.

  An update on Barry Pankhurst’s output of poetry & all things dementia related, which has been helpful to those who have seen it who are in a similar situation to Barry healthwise. He has his own website now which is

From time to time I will continue to add his poems to his slot on my website. Although we have not met we have a friendship formed through our various health conditions. Mine, until 2009 was Alzheimer’s dementia, but due to relative stagnation I have been given a diagnosis of Asberger’s, A.D.H.D & bi-polar disorder & have been left in complete limbo as to what can be done about it. Barry, however, still has Alzheimer’s.

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  1. barry

    My dear friend Richard,

    First I do apologize as I have only just today caught up with checking your website as it’s been such a hectic week with all the planes for my stepdaughter’s forthcoming wedding in June, but what a fantastic surprise for me when I saw that you wrote about me and my website and included a direct link into it for which I thank you very much as it will help to broaden the awareness of Alzheimer’s and dementia even further, and how I agree with your own words of being left in Limbo about your revised diagnoses of ‘Asberger’s disorder’ since at least I know the future progression of my Alzheimer’s fate but you my dear friend and your condition have been left dangling on a thread of ‘Betwixt and between’ and I admire your and family fortitude with surmounting the dilemma.

    Again many thanks for your kind words and for mentioning my website, and I will close by saying that yet again it brings to my mind a recording we made together a few years ago called (Two Minds as ONE) although we have two different cognitive illnesses… yet our aims and objectives are the same.

    The blessings of God be with you and the family

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