The Storm from the Barry Pankhurst collection

A tropical storm can be beautiful, but also very scary, when all the elements unleash themselves at the same time, which can have an adverse affect in the dementia mind causing even more disorientation, so please if you’re taking care of a person who has dementia when you have storms in your area be understanding.

          The Storm

An evening storm is lashing at us from all around,

smells of the musty earth rising into the air,

yet children run and play in the long awaited rain,

no fear of the furious elements, growing, building above,

steam ascending from the ground, as the rain cools it down,

the wind like a crescendo, a gale of musicians in my ears,

trees swaying, branches cracking, in the ever gusting wind,

a once trickling stream, now flowing fast, not knowing where

to go, pulling along with it anything coming into its path,

never have I seen the weather so cruel as this before,

so is this just a storm, or is it the wrath of God,


I cringe in my chair, as lightning bolts streak to the ground,

claps of thunder, rolling, furious, throughout the swirling

clouds, lightning awakens, brightening the dark evening sky,

agitation, and confusion within me, I know not what way to turn,

the sounds of the storm playing as cataclysm within my brain,

when all of a sudden, all electrical symmetry is gone,

full of panic, I gaze around, now paralyzed in fear,

as trauma grasps my being, but I can not run and hide,

Oh what’s happening to me, as I was never like this before?

has the storm and Alzheimer’s awakened,

what I knew not to be inside.



Barry January 2007



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