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Stating the obvious.

History can never be a legitimate reason for war but, it is an insight into why war happens.

This thought came into my head at 12.53 British Summer Time on 02 August 2014, but I have no doubt whatsoever that this thought has been in another’s head centuries before. Is someone trying to tell us something? 

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Revisiting the chalkhill blue butterfly.

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I went down to the Cuckmere on Wednesday with my ukulele hybrid over my shoulder. I was singing & playing as I walked down to the estuary. When returning to the Visitor Centre at volunteer at the centre made a comment about the ukulele. I gave an impropmtu rendering of the song I’ve just sung. I had conversation of my ties with this part of the countryside. I returned home feeling happier & I think that those who heard had the usual de Lullington experience. The whole thing was, of course, unplanned & so no pressure. Iwas asked if I could perform publicly, I said ‘No’ giving my reasons.

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Crying in the wilderness.

The innocent, the innocent,
But is there such a thing?
Peoples vote for tyrants,
The peoples reap their sin.

The pictures of the media
Focus on a point of view.
The Zionists have their agendas,
Hamas have them too.

But when the scales fall from both their eyes,
When Scripture revisited it’s never too late,
The two states can show the world
Love is triumphant over hate.

And, yes, I have to say it, 
Christ showed how it can be done,
The principles of redemption
More powerful than the gun.

But both sides, on their way to ruin
On their Damascus road,
Like Saul, who became Paul,
Must see the light together
If peace to be installed. 

Oh dear, a barrier has fallen,
But one must look for hope,
The world will wait and see,
How do those mothers cope?

R. de L.