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Crying in the wilderness.

The innocent, the innocent,
But is there such a thing?
Peoples vote for tyrants,
The peoples reap their sin.

The pictures of the media
Focus on a point of view.
The Zionists have their agendas,
Hamas have them too.

But when the scales fall from both their eyes,
When Scripture revisited it’s never too late,
The two states can show the world
Love is triumphant over hate.

And, yes, I have to say it, 
Christ showed how it can be done,
The principles of redemption
More powerful than the gun.

But both sides, on their way to ruin
On their Damascus road,
Like Saul, who became Paul,
Must see the light together
If peace to be installed. 

Oh dear, a barrier has fallen,
But one must look for hope,
The world will wait and see,
How do those mothers cope?

R. de L.

A broken mirror & a bloodied fist.

Satire is not funny,
Suffering is no joke,
But still, one has to laugh,
 ‘expletive’ world is broke.

You can blame God if you want to,
But you can’t if He doesn’t exist.
The same applies to Satan,
At the mirror will you shake your fist?

Work it out, you simpletons,
With doctorates and degrees.
You think you’re ‘expletive’ clever,
No life where there’s no bees.

The sod beneath your feet,
The trees above your head,
The climate is shouting loud,
Your ears are ‘expletive’ dead.

Rockets from the Gaza Strip,
Israel bombs from the air,
America and it’s allies
Are pulling out their hair.

Agendas are on the march,
The slippery slope well greased,
The vultures are circling,
They’re waiting for their feast.

It’s all ‘expletive’ dire,
But what can you expect?
It’s never over by Christmas,
The Somme showed no respect.

To poets, bloggers and thinkers
The bottom line is this,
Mortality is a blessing
If graced with a kiss.

Of course, there is nothing new,
Only repetitions of the past,
A dawning sunrise coming,
It all comes right at last. 

On and on I can write,
To words there are no end,
But, now I have to stop,
It drives me round the bend. 

R. de L.     14/07/2014

Apology too late.

Church, chapel and mission hall,
They were the old tramp’s secret pain,
He knew conversion at a tender age,
But lost it on a train.

Church, chapel and mission hall,
Your apology came too late,
The old tramp died on a bomb-site
But was welcomed at Heaven’s gate.

Church, chapel and mission hall,
Next  time you mention Hell,
Think on, evaluate,
You might go there as well. 

Church, chapel and mission hall,
The inquiry is going on,
Decades have passed, but your guilt remains,
Justice triumphs over wrong.

Church, chapel and mission hall,
The old, old story’s true,
Jesus came to save,
Still hope for me and you.

The old tramp is at peace,
His prayer he prayed so young
Was heard by a faithful God
Who gave His only Son. 

R. de L.

The wailing wall.

Paper, parchment, even a serviette,
Expression of desire for cancelled debt.
Rabbis, imams and a priest,
Making prayer for a lasting peace
At this historic and hallowed place,
Which is the Wailing Wall.

The lichen on mortar that crumbles between
These ancient stones so long have been
A focus of man’s desire.

Men in robes, and even suits,
Women weeping who only can
Mourn for that which has not been,
A stillborn of humanity’s hope.
This elusive dream
For peace in our time.

The sun will rise on another day,
More and more will come to pray.
“Father, forgive” I hear Him say,
“They know not what they do.”

“I am the Way, the Truth, the Life,”
Outside the wall I ‘gave’ my life,
“I am the door,” I’m not a wall,
Come, just come, come ye all.
I have rent the veil,
Broken down the wall,
Jew and Gentile, come ye all,
I am the answer to man’s fall,
You can live with me for all eternity.
The worlds, the universe plus,
Which entities are all out there,
They are all of mine and you can share. 

But I know, I know, I hear you say,
The Devil, that evil prey,
But his card is marked,
Hell’s prepared, he screams with hate
“You expletive God.” 

My lambs, my lambs, there is no mistake,
I’m neither early, nor too late,
Be faithful to me until the end,
My blood has covered and will defend.

Happy are those who know as true
The God and Saviour who loves you.
When all is fulfilled then cometh the end,
Then cometh the beginning,
Keep faith, my friend. 

R. de L.  09/07/2014

Click on the icon to hear the song. Storm clouds

Another assortment of photos & verse, The crowd must be thrilled.

Today’s version of a previous song. The willow tree

The crowd must be thrilled,
A new trick must be learnt,
Error to blame
When the pilot was burnt.

Death no deterrent if one’s of a kind,
Boredom, no brainer, all in the mind.

Living by fear, the thrill of the chase,
Adrenaline calling, must never lose face.

A youth will explore who really they are,
To learn to fly early, or drive a fast car.

But not all have a body that’s pumped up by iron,
A brain so alert, quick witted of mind. 

Some will just struggle, true self to be free
Vulnerable to extremes and tyranny.

None can explain why this or why that
Makes good or makes evil, to love or to hate.

In the kingdom of God, even there, be alert,
It’s sin within nature to spoil or pervert.

R. de L.  04/07/2014

Once again I’m grateful to my wife, Lynda, for making this post & all posts happen. I might have the ideas, some might say inspiration, but unless someone else, as in my case, put it in legible form it profits no-one. 
Lynda had a treat on her birthday on Monday when she went flying with aerobatics in a CAP10 at the Tiger Club at Headcorn where Lynda & I are associate members. As well as enjoying the aerobatics, the experience of flying in & out of clouds at different altitudes was something else! I’m really pleased that this day actually happened for her.  As outsiders to the aviation world we might have felt it a bit clique-y like some clubs are & associations are, but we have found that not to be so, & we love to get over there as much as we can. We would heartily recommend anyone who has an interest in planes, but no flying experience, to visit.